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circular logo for BHC Multicultural Entrepreneurial CenterThe Multicultural Entrepreneurial Center serves students from underrepresented backgrounds, first-generation students and aspiring business entrepreneurs. We work with students on English as a Second 语言 skills, 学术技能, setting up mentoring relationships, setting up business internships and community development opportunities (also called service learning). The MEC coordinator is part academic advisor, business community liaison and career advisor. The coordinator also is responsible for guiding students through 太阳城集团博彩 to their career or transfer school.

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The Multicultural Entrepreneurial Center (MEC) has many weekly programs throughout the semester. Our usual location is Building 1, 382会议室, but be sure to check the details for each program. Registration is encouraged.

Multicultural Mentoring Program

This program pairs a professional mentor with a mentee, who is a BHC student and demonstrates interest in MEC. 学生 learn about the workplace and their chosen field of study.

当: Drop-ins are welcomed Monday-Friday. 1号楼382室.




Come listen to informative presentations about countries from members who have been there. Presentations about what there is to do in and around the Quad Cities are also given.

当: 星期五下午12:30-2点.m. Building 4, Room 209, Hawks Nest.

  • 9月. 22-拉丁国家
  • 10月. 27 -亚洲
  • 12月. 8 -非洲
  • 12月. 5- U.S.A.


Entrepreneurship Workshop

This free program provides an opportunity for students curious about entrepreneurship and/or business.
当: 星期四,下午1-2点.m. 1号楼302室.

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Entrepreneurial Leadership & 社会影响

Entrepreneurial Leadership & 社会影响 teaches you how to make a difference. Join us to learn and meet new friends!

当: 周一1-2点.m. 1号楼382室.

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语言 & 文化免费课程

Join us for free to brush up your conversational Spanish or French. You will get first-hand experience about how fun the language-learning experience can be.

当: 周五下午2-3点.m. 1号楼382室.

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MEC has internship opportunities available. Earn college credit while you work and learn in the MEC for the semester.

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For further guidance, please contact:

Multicultural Entrepreneurial Advisor

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